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At White Sunshine Salt we have done more than refine an old tradition. We’ve started a new one. Guided by an international palate and scientists, we fuse unique harvesting and refining techniques to create ultra-pure, lite sodium and luxury edible salt in interesting flavors and textures. It all began with a vessel and a vision to infuse the savory with the natural, to create the great tasting, wholesome products everyone would fall in love with. And a beat-up vessel that became the very first White Sunshine Salt delivery truck.

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White Sunshine Salt contains necessary iodine, iron and low sodium, a vital health giving nutrient for you and your children. White Sunsine Salt has always been all about real people who care about what we do. The time and attention each White Sunshine worker puts into our products, as each one makes its way from salt farms to our factory and then to your home, is care you can taste. “when you open a bag of our salt, you know you’re getting the best tasting, natural Salt made with real ingredients by real people”.

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Our Mission

We want to give our customers crisp, crunchy, and extremely healthy salt and make sure it is 100% natural. 

Cook. Taste. Inspire

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When you look at all of our salt products, they have one thing in common … Natural taste and right nutritional elements for best health. That’s right, we feel pretty strongly about balance between flavors and healthy diet. A heady, aromatic blend of hand-screened and organic Sea Salt that transforms anything into an exotic mealtime treasure. At White Sunshine Salt, we are driven to tirelessly invent, improve, innovate and refine our Salt products and they are must-have condiment for home and business.

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