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At White Sunshine Salt, we did more than tweak an old tradition: we started a new tradition. Guided by an international palate and scientists, we merge unique harvesting and ripening techniques to create ultra-pure, sodium-free, luxury-grade edible salts in interesting flavors and textures.

We want to give our customers crunchy, crispy and deliciously healthy salt and make sure it is 100% pure and natural. We work with a complete quality management system, which covers the entire value chain: Production, Marketing & amp; amp; Sales, administration as well as delivery and customer service. We offer the best service and excellent quality. The salt as it should be, harvested by hand with the distinctive and fluffy texture and taste that gives some spice to almost any dish.

Excellent salt for our customers – that’s our claim. When developing and manufacturing our salted products, product quality, product safety and consumer protection are at the forefront. All products go through several rounds of gastronomic tests in our factories to achieve the best taste with optimal flavors, making each package worth your love and your attraction. We offer good cooks of all kinds and therefore our salt is surreal, adaptive, legendary and tasty. We recognize salt as an abundant gift from Mother Nature and we cherish it for all its uses and unique properties. We respect his heritage. And we like his taste